Warehousing and distribution

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  1. Warehousing and distribution

The Storage Place is at the forefront of warehousing and distribution services providing order fulfilment solutions to many consumers, wholesale and high-street retailers such as John Lewis, Argos and Amazon, among others. Our warehousing and distribution facilities, strategically located in the North East (Gateshead) close to Port of Tyne, provide the perfect solution to satisfy the bespoke needs of our fulfilment UK clients.

Our people, infrastructure, location and technology all come together to provide logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions and flexible secure space from which we store, fulfil export, import, and transport.

Warehousing and distribution

TSP does not offer sole warehousing services. By combining warehousing and distribution we provide tailored order fulfilment solutions. If you’re looking to outsource your operations and shipping of goods, please get in touch!

The benefits of TSP warehousing and distribution services

  1. Reduce distribution and warehousing costs
  2. Increase order management efficiency
  3. Improve order pick and pack accuracy
  4. Real-time 24/7 access to orders and deliveries through Cloud-based system
  5. Multi-channel management & courier integration
  6. Maximise the use of warehouse equipment and staff
  7. A trusted adviser for any warehousing operation
  8. Customer Service Management Services
warehousing and distribution services
Maximising profits for businesses takes a well-planned strategy to increase warehouse productivity while cutting down operations costs. In terms of staff, you need to get to know your employees to learn what they do best to identify key personnel and maximise on their skills. However, your team won’t work efficiently unless you set up goals, which takes time, and reward their accomplishments. Then you need to consider how to improve your operations. Well trained and motivated staff can help you reduce the amount of damage to goods and get rid of excess inventory. A good IT system for tracking inventory and shipping is a must these days.
It will not only help you reduce costs but save time and most importantly measure your inventory with higher accuracy. Last but not least, make sure that you fully utilise your warehousing and distribution space to reduce the cost of storage per pallet. Aisles should be no wider than the access equipment and trucks require. And that’s only a start, so if you think you should rather spend your time figuring out on how to scale up your business, all the above can be handled by outsourcing your warehousing and distribution to a reliable order fulfilment centre like The Storage Place.

TSP guarantees 99.9% annual success delivery rate

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