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Supply Chain Management

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Logistics Service

The Storage Place can help you with supply chain management and consolidate third-party logistics. With 300,000 sq ft of warehousing space and over 400,000 units shipped per month, we can consolidate your order fulfilment from multiple businesses.

The Storage Place Supply Chain Management

What does Supply Chain Management Mean?

Supply chain management (SCM) starts when goods are handled upon product manufacturing completion, all the way through to it arriving with the customer.

It is a lengthy process and requires a high level of organisation which needs a network of suppliers (or a ‘chain’) to get the products through each stage of the supply chain.

The supply chain includes many activities and resources and the combination of information and different organisations included, makes it all the more difficult to keep up with.

It begins after production, focusing on moving the goods, storing them, and delivering them to the customer at the end of the organization’s supply chain.

Good supply chain management can be particularly difficult for roll-ups as they have the hefty task of bringing different companies together and keeping up with the demand of the products customers want. But once this is accomplished, a competitive advantage is achieved.

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Why is Supply Chain Management More Difficult for Roll-Up Companies?

Buying up an Amazon FBA business and merging it with others of a similar market group is one of the tasks carried out by roll-ups, yet it is important to keep the newly introduced businesses running while the switching over takes place. It is seemingly a constant juggling act when it comes to mergers and supply chains.

A lot of effort gets put into logistics companies UK businesses trust and that’s why roll-up companies might want to consolidate third party logistics for all of these smaller businesses merging together. At The Storage Place, our logistic warehouse makes supply chain management simpler, and it takes some weight from your shoulders. We consider ourselves one of the best logistics companies UK has to offer when it comes to a consolidate 3PL.

You concentrate on acquiring individuals to sell Amazon FBA business models, while we concentrate on being the best consolidate third-party logistics partner you’ll find!

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How to Maximise the 3rd party Logistics?

You can use consolidate third party logistics also known as 3PL to outsource your business’s order fulfilment and logistic services (taken place in a logistics warehouse of global supply chains).

The Storage Place can offer you the full scope of supply chain management and enterprise resource planning. From imports and customer delivery, you can monitor it all with our emerging technologies, keeping you in the loop through it all. Outsourcing your order fulfilment services to us will allow you to hunt down the next perfect Amazon FBA business to merge with!

What are the Basic Steps of Supply Chain Management?

We said the supply chain management is a lengthy process with plenty of different steps in it, so here is the supply chain management important steps list broken down:

Receiving the Products

Our warehouses can receive all of the products from the various FBA business models you have merged together efficiently. This includes unloading, delivery and storage of inventory.

  • We record the number of items and packaging requirements such as the labelling, height and weight of packages, as well as other things.
  • We forward the inventory to our logistics warehouse.
  • Our staff collect the products from an unloading dock to get the items and check the shipment thoroughly before taking them to the warehouse (the contents of every delivery and also the quality of the seals, and SKUs or product codes).
  • We organise the products with our efficient inventory management system.

Processing the Products

Our process management system the selection and packing of any product purchased within your business and our technology greatly aids with efficiency as it starts the processing of orders automatically with a supply chain manager overseeing processes at all stages along with all of our other experienced staff members.

Picking out the Orders

he picking process at The Storage Place ties in with our inventory management process. We choose the correct quantity of inventory and prepare it to be sent to the customer. This part of the supply chain management process is the most laborious, but our supply chain managers have mastered it!

Picking techniques in our logistics warehouse include:

    • Single Order Picking
    • Batch Picking
    • Multi-Batch Order Picking
    • Zone Picking
    • Wave Picking

Packing the Orders

You might have guessed this would come next! The product may have already been picked out, but you also have to ensure it is in the appropriate packaging before being shipped as well as weighing and labelling everything properly.

This process helps with:

  • Preventing damage during shipment
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Promoting your brand

Shipping the Products

We send out the orders to be delivered to the customers lastly. We can aid you in finding the best deals for shipping and we happen to have strong connections to the most well-known couriers such as Royal Mail, DHL, Parcelforce and DX. We understand that customer satisfaction is the most important factor at the end of the demand-driven supply chain.

The supply chain performance quality control and sorting could take an entire day should you handle the entire supply chain management process as well as focusing on the key skill of gaining an FBA business.

Effective supply chain management relies on everyone involved in the supply chain network providing timely, accurate and consistent information to identify issues and streamline the process.

Challenges with Supply Chain Management

Laying out the basic steps make supply chain activities sound simpler, but we can guarantee after years of experience, it is a much more complex situation. There are many challenges in effective supply chain management that can occur, especially for roll-up companies that need to juggle multiple Amazon FBA business deals and the raw materials and products that come with it.

Unhappy Customers

The customer demand of today’s consumers is high, usually due to the fast delivery expectations from them. The established organisation of the supply chain and staff working along it makes fast work to meet that customer demand. If it fails, you disrupt the operations management and hold up other deliveries as well as damaging the relationship between your business and the customers purchasing from you.


It can be difficult to plan and track the demand-driven supply chain while goods are moving through the different groups. Effective management comes in when this system is optimised and it is much easier to do when it is your sole task. In our logistics warehouse, technology shows us where products are at any given point due to our carefully curated stock inventory, reporting systems, and information at your fingertips. Our staff focus on each task to get the products through as quickly as possible. Without consolidate third party logistics, you may struggle to keep up with order fulfilment when you have loads of other tasks in your company to complete.

Supply Chain Management Storage

Lost Products

A streamlined supply chain is of the utmost importance to get your products to your customers as quickly as possible. This means sending, tracking, and authenticating products and placements of them are equally important as this speeds everything up. The challenge of keeping up with these logistics and potentially messing up somewhere along the line could cause unnecessary delays, damage to products, or loss.

Insufficient Planning

Without having reporting and consistent status updates, supply chain management will soon go downhill and waste the effort and time of your staff. This can hold up any plans in motion and fail to meet your customers’ expectations.

Waste Increase

Supply chain efficiency means everything in order fulfilment (in case you haven’t realised yet!) however, we need to clarify that this isn’t always related to time management. Small reductions within the supply chain can dramatically impact productivity and profitability. Resources can be wasted when insufficient management occurs.

Consolidate your supply chain management with The Storage Place

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How can The Storage Place Help with Your Supply Chain Management?

We want to help your roll-up company with supply chain management and consolidate 3PL. What can we do?

  • Amazon pick and pack services is our bread and butter. Whether you’re looking for SFP, FBM or FBA services, The Storage Place Team can assist
  • Reduce complexity through consolidation – we can be your one point of contact for all of the vendors and providers involved in the order fulfilment process rather than chasing them all separately!
  • Increase visibility in the supply chain – all the small shipments coming in can grow rapidly which can make your staff struggle with what is happening in the supply chain. We provide technology consolidating all processes to ensure everyone can maintain visibility.
  • Gain global knowledge – an international component in e-commerce is very common nowadays, so if companies leverage a 3PL in strategic regions, they can remain competitive. We are based in the UK so we have the best capabilities of transporting goods through Europe and further afield, especially if your company is based in the US. we can help you navigate different markets around the world when fulfilling product orders.
  • Help you with your cashflow through our customs bonded warehouse that let’s defer VAT and duty charges until products are sold.

Get your quote or call us on +44 (0)191 438 1616 now to discuss how we can help you with supply chain management. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, make sure to visit our case studies to check how other clients benefited from TSP’s help.

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