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How Aydya grew AnySharp and ion8 brands through reliable order fulfilment services.

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Case Study details

Aydya Case Study

– Case Description

Aydya is an ethical company based in the UK which owns and operates innovative reusable lifestyle products across the globe. Their brands include Ion8, which is a range of eco-friendly reusable water bottles, and AnySharp, hailed by users as “the world’s best knife sharpener” with its tungsten carbide technology.

The company sells its products globally and recently Aydya have been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in international trade.

Aydya were looking for a reliable order fulfilment provider due to their previous provider not meeting the standards they, and their customers, expected. As such, they were searching for a fulfilment partner who embodied not only the standards they have, but to also have the work ethic to match. Initially Aydya were looking for a B2B partner to fulfil trade orders. With the success of this partnership, they then moved their B2C business to TSP.

AnySharp Knife Sharpener

Aydya also make use of the TSP Customs Bonded Warehouse, where they are able to store their goods imported from outside of the UK. Importing can become costly, so the bonded warehouse is an advantageous way to manage the expenses by deferring VAT charges until the goods are sold.

There were a number of reasons that made Aydya choose TSP. Apart from looking for a reliable order fulfilment partner, TSP’s location turned out to be ideal – being at a half way point in the UK it made the warehouse and goods accessible from any point in the country in a just a few hours. In addition, TSP’s reliable order fulfilment software made it easy for Aydya to see their stock and work with TSP with its intuitive interface.

Reason for using TSP

Looking for a reliable order fulfilment provider due to standards not being met


AnySharp – knife sharpeners
Ion8 – reusable, leak proof water bottles

TSP Services used


Order fulfilment for Amazon FBM


Customer Service


Bonded warehouse


Stock management




“In the time we have been with The Storage Place we have developed massively. The biggest help has come in terms of the people, their response times to our requests and their ability to pivot and find solutions for us when we need something done. We can inherently trust them to do the part of the process they excel at and that allows us to focus on what we are good at. This allows us all to benefit and will be the driving factor behind any future UK growth we have.”

“Finding a 3PL partner to work with that we can trust to handle things seamlessly had been very difficult in the past, The Storage Place have consistently risen to any challenge in front of them and delivered with excellence in every instance. From relabelling exercises to manoeuvring the tough waters of Brexit, we have a partner we can trust to help us reach the best solutions.”

– Khalil Okhai
Aydya Group

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