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Pick and pack – what is it?

Pick and pack is a process that starts when a customer places an order online. Order fulfilment partner companies then pick it and pack it by collecting the order from the warehouse, processing it through the inventory system and packing it to be included in the customer order before dispatch.

Pick and pack team

The Storage Place provides a wide range of fulfilment services, including storage solutions retrieval and order packing materials with integrated reports and stock control. The hand-packing service is designed to meet the different requirements of our clients. It is carried out at our pick and pack centre located in Gateshead within the United Kingdom.

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Pick and Pack process at The Storage place

“Pick and pack” is what order fulfilment Gateshead specialists refer to when they process online orders placed by ecommerce retailers customers. We simply pick a pack that is then shipped domestically or across the globe.

Instead of preparing and shipping whole cases or pallets of merchandise, ecommerce stores rely on our team members who ‘pick’ products from batches placed on warehouse shelves and then ‘pack’ the items in smaller boxes or envelopes. We then prepare the packages for domestic delivery or international shipping.

This method allows our pick it and pack it workers to easily access the items they need. If properly organised, it reduces the time spent handling.

The process also minimises freight costs (the amount paid to a carrier company to transport goods) and other charges.

And thanks to our cloud-based inventory system, you have access to track the item throughout the whole fulfilment process to ensure your customers are happy when their shipment is complete.

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What are Your Pick and Pack Strategies?

At The Storage Place, we have several strategies in place with our pick and pack management, as we know a tailored service is best for our clients’ online store. No one ecommerce company is the same!

Pick and pack services for ecommerce retailer fulfilment operations include:

1. Piece Pick and Pack Fulfillment

This practice is where we start as it’s an easy selection method for more than one order. Workers pick up orders in a sequence as they are received. They then bring the box into the warehouse and fill it up by picking items from shelves until the customer purchase is fulfilled. It is important to remember that this particular picking and packing process isn’t efficient in all warehouses. In fact, it is designed mainly for smaller warehouses.

2. Batch Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Warehouses with more significant traffic use batch picking, since it’s more efficient. Similar to piece-picking, it involves the selection of items to fulfil individual orders. However, those who pick in bulk fill multiple orders at one time.

3. Pick a Pack Area Fulfillment

Area picking (also known as zone picking) involves the division of warehouses into separate areas. Order pickers select items from their designated areas. Employees transfer the boxes between locations to fulfil orders that require items from different areas of the warehouse. The boxes can be moved either manually or via conveyor belts. The zone picking method is much more effective than batch and piece picking.

4. Wave Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Wave picking is a combination of area picking with batch picking. People who employ the wave picking strategy are assigned to different areas of the warehouses, and they choose orders in batches then select them only within those particular areas.

5. Automated Pick and Pack Service

It’s also worth mentioning that these days, picking list can be operated by automation instead of manual packaging. Some UK companies invest money in AI systems that dispatch a hive of robots that navigate through a box maze, selecting customer items and delivering them to a station for manual packaging. Machines have not yet mastered this last step of putting orders into a box for delivery, and each item needs to be packed by humans to pick it and pack it.

Pick and Pack Challenges

It can be frustrating, indeed, to keep up with pick pack solutions and strategies when owning an online small business and not having the capabilities of a pack warehouse. The Storage Place fulfilment centre is here to help you with your business growth. We have efficient processes to deal with increasing customer orders, and we will make sure all orders arrive on time to every customer!

TSP team pick a pack for delivery

How do we overcome challenges that occur during pick and pack activities?

Fulfilling pick and pack orders goes smoothly when there’s an excellent level of coordination and organisational skills coupled with attention to detail.

This organisation makes it easier for order pickers to move through warehouses to accommodate the most significant number of orders in the least time among the most prominent issues pick pack fulfilment centres face.

We ensure that the TSP team’s movement is efficient around our warehouses, so all of your customers’ orders are fulfilled promptly to save time with no problems such as orders arriving late, damaged or containing the wrong items.

And we care about carbon footprint as well, so we offer our customers cost-effective eco packaging solutions. Whether your customers make small orders or big ones, we ensure your retailers custom packaging is picked, packed and shipped efficiently with minimum impact to the environment no matter how many orders we need to package and deliver.

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Why Should I Hire The Storage Place Pick and Pack Services?

We can help your business or organisation with:

Improving your cash flow through using customs bonded warehousing to defer VAT and duty charges

Gaining more time to develop your UK business without worrying about fulfilling orders
Optimising your services such as inventory management solutions and warehousing logistics

Providing Customer Service Management for your business, so you don’t have to deal with returns and customer queries

Refining your ecommerce business marketing strategy

We want to develop long-standing partnerships with all of our clients, whether for the pick and pack process or any other fulfillment UK service and delivery. The Storage Place offers more than other order fulfilment companies.

Our dedicated pick pack team keeps a high level of communication with you to maintain and build a mutually beneficial relationship. We strive to give your customers excellent services for the products they order. TSP can fulfil your orders while you get on with developing your business!