eCommerce Guide: How to Prepare for Black Friday 2021

by | Nov 1, 2021 | E-commerce service, Fulfillment Warehouse

These days, consumers expect to be offered the best Black Friday deals, so online retailers need to prepare for Black Friday 2021. You need to make sure your sales event does not tank your business by over promoting and under delivering. Start planning to manage inventory for Black Friday now if you haven’t done so yet.

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There are two main reasons that suggest this year’s holiday season to be extremely challenging in the ecommerce space. Not only do we get exponential growth in online sales, year after year, but we are still in the midst of the pandemic (as of writing this article), which had an unprecedented impact on every brick and mortar store as well as online stores. The ecommerce sites continue to deal with the overall increase of volume of online purchases, pick and pack fulfilment and delivery services.

Most importantly, start planning for Black Friday 2021 now if you haven’t started yet. A study found more than half of consumers in the UK begin their holiday shopping or researching for Black Friday as early as October. When customers shop online, they often build wish-lists and shop-around, so don’t wait until a week before the main event – because at that time it will be too late. In other words plan ahead, your customer journey.

To ensure a smooth order fulfilment operation and to maximise your profits, here are two of the most important aspects of your Black Friday 2021 ecommerce preparation.

Prepare for Black Friday 2021

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Marketing Strategy for Black Friday 2021

Prepare your marketing strategy and branded black friday promotion materials like coupon code and gift cards well in advance including how you would like to promote your products and your best Black Friday deals through email marketing, Social Media Platforms, third parties like influencers or Google Ads.

Ensure you’ve got multiple social media ads (focus on Facebook and Instagram) and newsletters pre-designed and reviewed ahead of time, preferably with some targeting based on the past purchase behaviour (Facebook Ads can bring a lot of important customers and ecommerce data) to generate more sales.

Further, think about hiring an ecommerce expert to identify your store content marketing and put together effective product pages. To squeeze extra sales, many retailers or ecommerce marketers will advise different levels of urgency depending on your brand. If there’s a way you can slowly build up the hype with popular products using email marketing campaigns to remind customers about your best deals, you’ll be on your way to the biggest shopping event yet! Make sure to build a product bundle around 2-3 weeks before Black Friday 2021 hits (Friday, 26 November) and then use limited offers and time-constrained impressive deals.

Top 7 Black Friday Marketing Tips to increase online sales

  1. Prepare your store for black friday and optimise overall site performance like loading speed and weed-out any design glitches – ensure you can serve a higher number of shoppers ahead of time and thus increase ecommerce conversion rate.
  2. Review design materials in advance and select those that stand out – introduce price alert, live chat, better site search and keep preparation for black friday consistent throughout the black friday and cyber monday to boost sales, customer retention and reduce cart abandoners.
  3. Great customer experience is paramount – ensure a smooth sales channels operation and checkout process with a timer or an up-sell offer at the end to increase conversion rates and upkeep the sense of urgency. Your website should be optimised for mobile device first, as black friday shoppers or frankly any customers start their purchasing journey on smartphones.
  4. Make sure you’ve enabled familiar and simple payment options in your online store that are mobile devices friendly (like Apple Pay) – for higher price items, explore interest-free instalments (such as Klarna) to drive sales, lower abandoned cart and bring repeat purchases.
  5. Prepare early deals and an additional deal right after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to maximise on traffic and sales and to keep the online shopping momentum going.
  6. Leverage user-generated content – encourage your customers to leave feedback. Start with repeat customers, they are more likely to leave positive reviews that not only encourage other customers to make a purchase but also validate trust in your brand whenever search engines like Google or bing send bots to analyse your website.
  7. This option is not available to everyone but if you can premapre multiple channels to sell your products. Companies like The Storage Place offer cloud based inventory management system that connets to multiple platforms so you can enchance you marketing startegy by using different platforms (Shopify, Amazon, ebay, oneBuy etc.) and monitor the stock levels in one place.

Order Fulfillment for Black Friday 2021

As business owner, the last thing you want to happen to your ecommerce stores during Black Friday 2021 is to fail our supply chain and order fulfilment. During the event as well as the day after BFCM 2021, you should have a remaining stock and a solid backup plan for selling online in case your product goes viral. It is the head start and the momentum that you can uphold all the way through black friday weekend and cyber monday to Christmas 2021 that makes or breaks your ecommerce store.

Trust us, you don’t want to let down your loyal customers.

We see this happening every year where companies go bust because they come not prepared for black friday and cyber monday (and not forgetting about the prime day and very specific in its own rights Amazon Black Friday!). If you have nothing left to sell for the rest of the holiday season then the brand authority, SEO positioning as well as the online store reputation takes a dive.

Prepare for black Friday 2021

Here are a couple of ways to prepare for Black Friday and avoid a holiday sales crisis while making sure you’re still bringing customers:

Set up inventory management workflows

If you’re using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, you can integrate with the inventory monitoring tools. The inventory management software can help online sellers automate most customer-facing or back-office processes, without any coding.

Key takeaways and automation benefits of such inventory management software:

  • Smart Shipping Rules
  • Automated Shipping Label Printing
  • Order Tracking
  • Courier Integrations
  • Amazon FBA Shipments

Many ecommerce websites and UK retailers can prepare their sales channels for this year’s sales increase in online sales using software from WooCommerce and Shopify app store.

Monitor online shopping and inventory levels

You won’t have success stories to share during Black Friday and Cyber Monday without predictive monitoring systems that use AI to help you with the inventory level balance, product recommendations and sales flow.

Make sure your ecommerce platform tools let you set up tracking to monitor your inventory levels. Also, look for seasonal trends (past black friday sales) in your e-commerce inventory history to prevent running out of stock.

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Here’s what to do if your ecom business is planning to move inventory into additional warehouses or spaces:

If you’re on Shopify, a great place to start is using Shopify Reports and Shopify Merchant. Check key metrics such as Customer Data, Sales by Product reports, and filter them by BFCM dates from last year and review deep discounts offered last year and all the products that sold well.

You can explore your “best Black Friday deals” further with the ABC analysis digital marketing tool can also help you identify your best and worst-performing products in your ecommerce to keep your average order value high. Remember that A-grade products make the most money and represent the specific set of products that generate 80% of your revenue.

On the contrary, C-grade products are your dead stock and correspond to the specific products that make up only 5% of your revenue. BFCM is a great opportunity to increase sales by stressing A-grade products in your marketing campaigns with moderate discounts, while C-grade “deadstock” should have a much higher black friday discounts. Increasing your ad spend, using a referral program, social proof, deep discounts or email marketing campaign you can push out and free up shelf space the second black friday sales starts.

Generally speaking, ecommerce marketers will use peak season promotion checklist to prepare and explore marketing tools to track and monitor stock across multiple locations, adjust inventory levels for different products all at once, and save time by combining inventory levels with automation tools to impact purchase decision and replenish products.

TSP team members prepare for Black Friday

Outsourcing Order Fulfilment for Black Friday 2021

However, all that inventory management software that you find on Shopify app store won’t run and fully manage itself. Ideally, you want a skilled order fulfilment team that have experience with black friday online shopping workload, maintain a sense of urgency during dispatch deadlines, and keep old and new customers happy, as well as cart abandoners back with high delivery success rate.

If you’ve been working on your own warehousing, supply chain, picking and packing, order processing and dispatching, you know how challenging a backend operation can get on a regular day. And during the holiday sales period, you can almost guarantee the traffic and sales will increase many-folds, followed by your shopping workload.

If that is the case, there is still enough time to prepare your store even better and consider outsourcing your Order Fulfilment for upcoming Black Friday 2021, as well as Christmas 2021 holiday sales.

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