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Order fulfilment cost structure

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Pricing Structure

Order Fulfilment Pricing Structure

We understand there’s a no one-size-fits-all approach to eCommerce businesses.

Unlike others, we take the partnership approach – learning as much as we can about your business in order to provide order fulfilment pricing tailored to your needs.

What costs can I expect for order fulfilment?

There are several costs associated with order fulfilment here in the UK, some of which can differ – not only in cost but in quality as well.
Pick Cost

Picking and packing fees are standard, you’ll usually find 2 separate costs here.

  • The initial cost for someone to pick and pack the first item on a customer’s order.
  • Reduced pick and pack cost for any additional items picked on the same order.

When joining The Storage Place, we ensure any order received prior to 2pm is sent that day (4pm for Prime deliveries!)

Returns Handling Cost
Return fees are common within order fulfilment.

The costs usually covers receipt of the return, checking the item and returning to stock / sending back or quarantining the item. (Any shipping costs incurred will not be covered).

Goods In Cost

Receiving your goods and putting them in stock, ready to go on sale.

There’s no one size fits all when costing this, there’ll be times to send in a couple of boxes and times to send in a full container.

Timescales important, here at The Storage Place your goods will be booked in and put away within 16 hours of arriving.

Not only that, we’ll not charge a ‘by the hour’ cost. You’ll know exactly what cost you’ll pay.

Storage Cost
The cost of simply storing the goods before they are sold.

There’s a couple of ways to be charged, but we believe it’s only fair to be charge volumetrically rather than by pallet.

Postage Cost
The cost of shipping, both direct to customers and B2B

For high volume sellers, this is more than likely your highest cost for order fulfilment.

Not only that, probably your most important, from a cost and a service point of view.

That’s why we use Royal Mail, DPD and Amazon Logistics for the majority of B2C orders, ensuring your customers are getting the best service at a reasonable price.

Set up Costs and Account Management costs
The cost involved in setting you up as a customer, to integrate systems and to ensure your launch is smooth / have a dedicated point of contact.

Surely every business wants the best systems, the most support and the smoothest set up. This is why these fees are charged by some companies and not others.

Here at The Storage Place, you’ll not only get the best systems, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to help grow your business.

order fulfilment pricing
Don’t just choose a fulfilment centre who will help you right now with really cheap costs – choose one who will help you grow in the long term, one who offers a reasonable cost with the very best support and services.

Here are a few questions we suggest asking when getting costs for order fulfilment:

  • Do you offer a set goods in cost rather than by the hour?
  • How can you help me grow my business
  • Can I integrate to all major marketplaces easily? Can I pull reports?
  • Can I have a demo of the system?
  • Do you have a global network to help me grow internationally?
  • Are your bills itemised and do your proposals include all costs?
  • Do you offer Amazon Prime services?
  • Can you send me some testimonials?
  • How many orders do you send a day? Will you be able to keep up with my growth?
  • Can you send me a list of terms and conditions?
  • What service do I expect from my account manager? What will they help me with?

Account Management

Customer Service Support


Dedicated Account Manager
Reporting support, scheduling
Systems admin
Software support maintenance and resolution
Order support admin
Returns management admin
Packaging management
Internal administration
Direct access to our service support teams
Technical help support - 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday
Email responses handling via your platforms, Amazon etc.
Customer & order queries responses
Frequently asked questions responses
Processing payments & refunds (depending on the complexity) management
Customer complaint handling and resolution
Product support/technical questions
Email checking and responses
Shipment tracking
Cross-selling & up-selling
Technical help support - 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday

More than pricing

The Benefits of working with The Storage Place

Dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager
Reduced shipping costs
Benefit from reduced shipping costs
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Over 20 years experience & UKWA trusted member
Global shipping network
Global shipping network
Boost cash flow
Competitive rates
Itemised billing
Itemised Billing