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eBay Order Fulfilment

by | Apr 18, 2020 | E-commerce service

eBay needs no introduction being one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, where buyers and sellers come together to trade almost anything. eBay and Amazon are the biggest players on the market but not necessarily the cheapest when it comes to optimising your fulfilment costs. If you sell a few items a week, you are probably managing your order fulfilment yourself. However, an established merchant who understands how important it is to process orders quickly and efficiently while maintaining positive customer ratings would benefit significantly from outsourcing their eBay order fulfilment.

eBay order fulfilment

What does a fulfilment centre do?

A fulfilment company takes care of all your warehousing and shipping needs. It receives your goods and ensures they are picked packed and shipped to your customers on time. If you’re looking for faster delivery solutions, reduce your fulfilment charge or save on warehousing and shipping costs while focusing on growing your business, outsourcing your eBay order fulfilment to a 3rd party might be the best solution.

eBay Managed Delivery

Starting this year, eBay is planning to launch eBay Managed Delivery, which is its equivalent to amazon fulfillment for sellers (Fulfillment by Amazon), however in the USA only. Is it going to be helpful to online sellers? Yes, to some; however, eBay has been floating the idea of offering its fulfilment program on and off for the past decade. In a fast-paced world of eCommerce, there is hardly anyone who can afford to wait, which is why businesses turn to third-party fulfilment houses instead. We have already covered why it is worth to consider ‘An Alternative to Fulfilment by Amazon FBA‘ in one of our posts. And since the UK launch of eBay Managed Delivery is nowhere near, here are some reasons why you should outsource your eBay order fulfilment to The Storage Place.

Why should you choose The Storage Place for your eBay order fulfilment?

  • Service Level – fast delivery with 99.8% accuracy
  • Save on fulfilment costs – improve cashflow with customs bonded warehousing – defer VAT and customs duty charges
  • Storage capacity – 70,000 square feet of warehousing space
  • Large scale capability – TSP is handling and shipping 60,000 units per month
  • Custom shipping labels and dispatch notes – a wide range of personalisation options for pick and pack services

Benefits of outsourcing eBay Order Fulfilment to a 3rd party

By choosing TSP for your order fulfilment service, you get access to our cloud-based IT system fully integrated with eBay’s API that suits your business. We receive and process your product through our warehousing fulfilment centres. We then pick pack and ship them ensuring fast delivery – all while our eBay integrated system keeps track of your stock in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about shipping and tracking. All this is possible with fulfilment costs and storage fees being significantly reduced.


It's already available!

There is no need to wait for eBay to launch their service. If you’re looking to grow your business, there is an existing solution in place. The Storage Place provides a scalable, fast, accurate and professional eBay order fulfilment service. Our cloud-based IT software integrates with your eBay store, providing you with real-time reporting and 24/7 access to stock management. Save time and focus on customer service and product development that will allow you to grow your business even more.


Save money and improve cash flow

If you’re importing goods from outside of UK, you might be interested in using a bonded warehousing that can lower your fulfilment costs. The Storage Place provides a customs bonded warehouse which enables you to defer payment of duty and VAT charges until your goods are sold. As a result, you can considerably improve cash flow between 25% and 33% of the upfront cost of imported goods.


Capacity for high volume eBay trades

With our strategic location close to Port of Tyne in the North East and large warehousing capacity (over 70,000 square feet), The Storage Place is the right choice if you plan to scale up your business and not worry about shipping and tracking of your orders. Our eBay order fulfilment handling and shipping services are some of the most accurate in the UK, meaning we ensure that your online orders are picked packed and shipped quickly and accurately, while you focus on your core business.

Quick set up and onboarding process

You needed help with your fulfillment for eBay web store yesterday. We get it because we’ve been there. With The Storage Place, you’ll be up and running in “no time”. Our client portal set up and testing takes only 24-48h!

TSP team lead by an Account Manager will create an account within our fulfilment system and integrate it with your eBay account through API. If needed, we can set up multiple users with different permissions and access to reports. After completing the onboarding process, we will arrange a web talk-through to ensure you have a full understanding of how fulfillment for ebayworks. We will also provide you with ‘How to’ documents and a list of all contacts within The Storage Place for ongoing support.

After one month, we will set up a review to make sure that you are settled and happy with everything regarding your eBay order fulfilment. We will repeat that step after three months.


Payment options

There is no contract as such as TSP relies on delivering excellent customer service to retain your business, however our service is fully detailed in and subject to a Service Level Agreement. Direct debit is a payment method in which your fulfilment charge will be taken on a monthly basis in accordance with our Terms and Conditions provided with a quote. 

Interested in outsourcing your eBay order fulfilment to us?

Get in touch to find out how we can help you improve cash flow & save money and time to excel your business development.

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Interested in outsourcing your order fulfilment to us?

Get in touch to find out how we can help you improve cash flow & save money and time to excel your business development.


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