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6 ways to improve your customer experience (and how a fulfilment centre should help)

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Distribution Service, Packaging Company

Update: This article has been updated on January 31st, 2022.
The right product at the right time is key to success, but there are also other factors to consider in the competitive world of eCommerce. Good customer service is what makes businesses stand out, and can result in loyal customers and repeat purchases. So how can you improve the customer experience?
The Storage Place customer service

Informative website

Including FAQ’s, returns policy and delivery information/charges ensure customers have everything they need to know before making their purchase. Make sure this information is easily accessible and clear so that customers do not spend time searching.

Following the pandemic, buying habits have changed. Customers love a backstory and the reasons why you sell. They say people buy from people; why not include a section about you and your business and why you do what you do.

Ensure your website flows and everything is easy to find: the more questions can be answered at the time of viewing, the better.

Your fulfilment centre should adhere to set service levels, with clear pricing and timescales. It really helps giving clear information to your customers.



Reviews are a great way for past customers to act as ambassadors for your product so that your new customers don’t have to take your word for it. This is especially useful if your customer is considering a competitor’s product – reviews can often be the deciding factor.

Make sure you are on the likes of Trustpilot, making it easy for the word to spread about how great you are (and shout about it on your social media!) Thank your clients for leaving feedback, and take every comment on board.



If your product is technical, make sure there is information and advice accessible for the customer at any point during their purchase. This may also make the transaction quicker if they are able to obtain information to make a decision on whether or not they want to purchase your product, without needing to get in touch.

A great fulfilment centre will deal with hundreds of clients from a range of industries. You should be able to draw on your account managers experience and expertise for any advice. After all, using a fulfilment centre should be an extension of your business, a partner who can help when needed.


Clear delivery & returns information

Make sure your policy on returns and exchanges is clear to ensure a hassle free process for customers – delivery times and costs should be easily found on the website. According to eCommerce Week, a survey of 1,000 UK consumers showed that 55% are unable to find basic information such as delivery dates on half of the retailers websites that they visit. If they are unable to find the information, 42% move to a competitor.


Response times

Quick response times are essential to good customer service. This includes answering email queries within a certain timescale, responding to returns, and also an efficient delivery service. After all, if customers receive the wrong order, or it arrives late, this will impact on both repeat purchases and also a negative reputation. Especially during ecommerce peak time like Christmas.

Arguably the most important, thanks to Amazon, customers now expect their items the day after ordering. It’s now standard practice if a customer orders up to a certain time the orders need to be sent. Your fulfilment centre should have stats to show just how great they are at fulfilling orders on time and in full.


Modern stock management system

A modern stock management system that can integrate with your shop is the key to ensure you are not fulfiling orders when your goods are out of stock. Our order fulfillment API integrated, innovative, robust and secure cloud based IT system gives you visibility, control and 24/7 access from anywhere. Allowing you to stay efficient, manage high volumes and most importantly, respond quickly to changing demand.

With any ecommerce brand, the way your operation is run makes or breaks your success.

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We agree on service levels prior to joining with excellent pricing to help pass on to your customers. Not only that, we’ll offer you Amazon Prime services and can even pick up your customer service enquiries.

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