How to choose a fulfilment partner

When outsourcing order fulfilment, it’s not just about saving money, it’s about a partnership. Choosing the right partner can help your company grow and share good practice and advice. So what should you look for in a fulfilment partner?

Are they established and reliable?

An established company means they will have plenty of experience, and most importantly, a reliable track record. Are they reliable in fulfilling your orders? Do they have robust procedures in place to deliver products in a timely manner?

Do they have similar clients?

It is useful to check if the potential fulfilment partner specialise in dealing with similar types of goods to what you sell. Also ask if they have experience in handling a similar number of products that you offer.

Do they have excellent customer service?

 When considering different fulfilment centres, ask about dedicated account managers and who they will speak to if an urgent issue arises. Will they be reliable in returning calls, answering emails and dealing with issues or queries.

What is their pricing structure?

Although price is an important factor, finding a company that is a good fit is just as important – after all, unhappy customers could end up costing more in the long-run. Ensure pricing is competitive, but the cheapest isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

Are they flexible to your business needs?

Demand for products can fluctuate, and you may find you have peak seasons. This will affect how much warehouse storage space you need and how much you sell. The right provider must be able to meet these scalability demands.

Do they have the correct technology?

Does the company have up to date technology in place where you have easy access to order information whether you’re at home or at the office? Will you have access to real-time data? Do they integrate easily with the shopping cart solution you’re using?

At The Storage Place we have experience across a range of sectors and industries including heavy industrial, fitness equipment, home improvement products, home and gift ware, and novelty gifts to name a few.

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