Customer Experience: Why Packaging & Delivery Matters

Packaging plays a vital role in the customer experience when it comes to e-commerce. Customers expect their parcel to arrive quickly, damage-free and well presented.

Packaging is the very first thing a customer will see before they even interact with your product, so it has to be right. If they’re happy with how it arrived and how it’s presented, then you’re off to a good start! If they have a good experience of your delivery and packaging, they are more likely to choose your brand again, and most importantly, recommend it to friends and family.

So how can you improve your customer experience?

Your own branding

Your packaging needs to reflect your brand and website. Adding logos on shipping labels will help increase brand recognition. At The Storage Place, we offer a wide range of personalisation options including shipping labels and dispatch notes which can be customised for each platform and edited on the system.

We are also flexible with special packaging requirements and can package your products in any way that you choose to ensure we stay true to your brand.


Ensure packages arrive damage-free

We all know that packages arriving damaged will result in dissatisfied customers, but it can also increase your costs due to replacements being sent out.

Choose packaging that is suitable for the products with sufficient protection. However, be careful not to overfill packages with infill material as they could burst in transit.

Timing is everything

No matter how great a product is, if it doesn’t arrive on time you will have an unhappy customer who won’t be likely to return. Ensure your orders are being packed and dispatched on time.

Find out more about our order fulfilment services or contact us to discuss your requirements.